Sold! Tools.

Finally I’ve managed to forge some tools for stock!
This time it’s mostly hammers, but few armouring stakes are also available.

If interested, You can message me trough Facebook fan page, Instagram or email.
Every tool has its number, so in messages please refer to it.


Price for a bare hammer is 55€ or 239pln

Attaching a custom ash wood handle +15€ or 65pln

In this batch I’ve used 4 types of steel. C45, C55, 4140, E52100
Hardness varies from 38Hrc (c45) to 55hrc (E52100)
Square faced hammers:
C55 steel
68. SOLD
66. SOLD
58. SOLD

Raising hammers:
54. SOLD
57. SOLD
65. SOLD
55. SOLD

Heavy raising hammers:
42. SOLD
62. SOLD
48. SOLD

Flat/rounded universal hammers:
47. SOLD
45. SOLD
41. SOLD

Dishing hammers:
63. SOLD 
64. SOLD
49. SOLD

Long neck dishing/ squishing hammers (with a little offset):
61. SOLD
60. SOLD

Armouring stakes:
Working part of the stakes is C45 steel. Hardness varies from 36hrc to 42hrc.
Creasing stakes:
S18. SOLD 

S19. SOLD 

Offset mushroom stakes:
S22. SOLD 

S21. SOLD 

Mushroom  stakes:

S23. SOLD 

That’s all I have for now. Next batch will be in the works in late January 2020 , so if you have some special request for a custom metalworking tool, let me know.