The BLACK KNIGHT armour project.

The time has come to reveal the secret of the last finished tasty armouring project. Some of you, that are following Radoslaus The Armourer on Facebook may already know what I am talking about... The Black Knight Armour project... Recently finished arms and legs, gauntlets, bascinet and breastplate will follow this summer ! As a matter of fact I wrote this post already once, however it vanished in the void of Internet :(

The goal for that project was ( is) to build a blackened and hardened suit for a wealthy English knight of the late XIVcentury. The choice was pretty obvious, (despite the name connection) - the tomb of the Black Prince . Although it wasn't ment to be a slavish copy of the statue treated mainly as the inspitation it's looking pretty well . We may play in spot the difference ;)



This armour is made of 1 and 1,5 mm 50HF hardened and tempered spring steel. For blackening oil and fire were used, so at ~350C it might lost some temper , that's why during the hardening process it was tempered to 55HRC, pretty much.




Originally I wanted to write a bigger thing concerning on the making process, hovewer I'm under a great time preassure. Making my workshop 2.0. usable even during the realisation of the B.N. project took much more time than I have expected, so currently I'm fighting with about 2 month delay. Luckily it is getting better and better, and I am able to speed up a lot loosing that delay within a month. As a proof you'll get another bunch of photos ;)