Workshop v.2.0.

Tomorrow morning will be a very important day. After 3 months of hard work I'm launching my new work space. From now on, forging place will be divided from the rest of the workshop. That gives me an opportunity to make more stuff at once, and be more productive. Off course now it'll be easier to work on bigger projects, and to experiment with new techniques like etching and engraving.

lots of things still need to be done

some stuff need to be removed, some to be put in place

new bench and stakes
Bringing it to that state took so much involvement and I had to give a lot commitment, supported with loads of strong will to survive and not to give up at some moments.. Especially at those spots bringing me to despair, when there were appearing unsuspected things, like "ooh... we'll need to make new electric installation" or " uuu... we'll have to remove this  wall and make another one, this one is cracking and in short time it will collapse..."

Really can't wait to start all of the projects delayed because of prolonged workshop removal and space adaptation for armouring purposes.

Also that was the main reason why i didn't wrote new posts covering all that stuff I made since spring time. I promise to work more on that matter in the nearest future.

There is a lot of work left to be done, but now when the workshop is usable enough... nothing can stop me from armouring!