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The next armour is under construction. This time late XIV century set.
Still I need to publish here my recent work, but hey... who's got time for that? 


Some nice stuff coming.

This spring , some nice spring steel will be finally transformed from flat sheets into 3D form. XVI century, here I come!

Among many smaller ( but also very interesting) projects this was my most pleasant one, and very soon it will be finally finished. Just can't wait, so a little teaser here.
#springsteel #variableThickness #heattreated #landskneht


New workshop!

I know I've been kind of absent here lately, well.. I've had a good reason.  Packing all my tools and moving away to a new bigger place! Now, I'll be working in Warsaw Industrial Park area ;)
Most of tools are already set in the new workshop. I hope to finish moving in and start working there on Monday. It took a lot more time than expected, next time I'll be able to plan it better ( hopefully not to soon )

Also I will start responding to all your messages as soon as I'll get all my stuff in place, I know some of you waited pretty long.

Wiem, że byłem ostatnio tutaj trochę nieobecny. .. Miałem dobry powód. Pakowłem wszystkie moje graty i przenosiłem się z pracownią na nową miejscówkę! Teraz będę pracował w Warszawskim Parku Przemysłowym ;) 
Większość narzędzi jest już ustawiona w nowym warsztacie. Mam nadzieję, że uda mi się dokończyć przenosiny i rozpocząć pracę w poniedziałek. Zajęło mi to dużo więcej czasu, niż się spodziewałem, następnym razem będę mógł zaplanować lepiej, bogatszy o ostatnie doświadczenia (miejmy nadzieję, że nie w najbliższym czasie)

Zacznę odpowiadać na wszystkie wiadomości, jak tylko będę miał wszystko poukładane na miejscu, wiem, że niektórzy z was czekali dość długo.


Some recent projects...

The truth is that I had to temporary dump the catalog project, as I have been totally engaged in the armouring - which is still the most important part of my job. In addition as I've lost over two weeks being ill, I'll have to double my efforts in the workshop to speed up with things, and there are some delicious things coming ;)

Although I'm not writing often here on blog I try to keep my gallery fresh, perhaps not as fresh as for example my Facebook fan page (which is linked on the right BTW), but still you can find there something new, every few months.

Here are a few photos of some recent projects :




I know it's just a glimpse of my recent work, but as already mentioned you can check my GALLERY for more.

Cheers, Radek.



Happy new year!

2014 will be a year of changes and big decisions , one thing that surely will remain the same, is that I'll be making armours, without rest :)

Happy new year to You all!






Some hot smokin' freshness.

Words simply can't describe it :)

You better see this yourselves :

The video is quite raw, but I don't think I'll have time anytime soon to work on it , commissions are waiting, as well as plans to move out with my workshop to some bigger space. Catalog of example products with prices is still in the works, hope to finely have it done around Christmas ... Oh wait... It's time already!




Recent activities

Freshly made hammers and armouring stakes


Perhaps you may think that I'm lazy and I'm lying on Waikiki beach sunbathing, drinking rum and coca cola, but the truth is I've been quite active in the workshop. Beside regular commissions I finally managed to have some tool making and maintenance time, also catalog is getting shape. New polishing machine almost installed in place, hammers , stakes, belt grinder little upgrades, Oh yes, catalog... I don't know why I thought that it would be only one or two weeks work in the evening time... Second month since I started working on it is passing now... I'm pretty close to finish, I think.


Next time I'll post some pics of recent commissions , and from Company of Saint George 25th anniversary, when I had pleasure to meet for the first time wonderful brigantines maker -Ash Barber and great blade smith Peter Johnson, not to mention astonishing crossbows producer - Enrico Lazzari. And naturally meeting all those great old friends from all over Europe , I've met during last 5 years attending CstG events :)

Steaming fresh new big and heavy stake for holding smaller stakes. 60x60mm square scrapyard steel rod. Total length is 680mm, height( above the holder) 300mm . Weight unknown yet, circa 20kg.